Can You Move an Air Purifier From Room to Room?

If you’ve got multiple rooms in need of air purification, it seems like simply buying one air purifier and moving it between rooms makes sense, right? But sometimes, it might be better to leave it where it is because of the size or ability to move. So, can you move an air purifier from one room to another?

You can move an air purifier from room to room. However, it may be less effective, depending on the size and quality of your purifier. A portable air purifier is the best choice if you need to move your device around various smaller rooms or buildings.

Before adding that portable air purifier to your cart, you should check that it’s the best option for your requirements. Let me filter through the confusing terminology and guide you through some more typical questions about positioning air purifiers.

Which Air Purifiers Can I Move Between Rooms?

Some air purifiers are specifically for whole-house usage and should be placed in a central location within your home. These purifiers should stay in place, or they won’t do their job correctly!

Portable air purifiers are the only ones you can move between rooms and are designed with mobility in mind. Portable purifiers with a true HEPA filter are the best and cheapest option for people who need mobility between smaller rooms.

If you’ve got specific air-cleaning needs, or you’re living in a large household, you should instead consider a whole house or wall-mounted air purifier.

What Types of Air Purifiers Are There?

Here are the three types of air purifiers:

  • Portable air purifier
  • Whole-house air purifier
  • Wall-mounted air purifier

Let’s take a closer look at each of these purifiers, laying out their general abilities and uses. I’ll help you decide which size and installation type are best for you.

Portable Air Purifiers

A portable air purifier is the most purchased purifier type. 

It’s best for those on a low-to-moderate budget who are searching for an appliance to clear a room’s air of smoke, pollen, dander, odors, and most bacteria. Portable air purifiers come in different sizes to suit various rooms. 

Small models cover around 30 sq m (322.92 sq ft) or less. Large models can purify rooms of up to 95 sq m (1,022.57 sq ft), but they come at a heftier price!

Portable purifiers can be placed on your floor or a shelf, with no need for wall installation. Some portable purifiers come with high-tech add-ons, like WiFi controls and real-time air-quality feedback. 

Fancy extras are less common in heavy-duty whole-house air purifiers, which are more about function than style.

Whole House Air Purifiers

A whole-house air purifier filters the airflow of an entire interior environment that can clear the air in multiple rooms simultaneously, removing the need for numerous portable devices. 

This type of air purifier relies on a system of air pipes. If your house doesn’t already have an HVAC system or even just air ducts, it’s going to be cheaper to buy multiple portable purifiers. 

HVAC installation is very pricey.

Whole-house air purifiers can be as simple as attaching an air filter to your HVAC’s air handler, which allows the HVAC to do all the air sucking and pumping. 

Alternatively, you can install a standalone whole house purifier without an HVAC, but you’ll need an air duct system. Attach the purifier to the inlet of your duct system, and it’ll do the work of moving the air around.

What Is an HVAC?

HVAC stands for Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning. If your home has A/C throughout different rooms, then you’ve got an HVAC system. These rely on a web of ducts or vents placed throughout your building, typically in the walls or ceiling.

What Is a Wall-Mounted Air Purifier?

Wall-mounted air purifiers are ideal if you’ve got specific requirements for your air quality. For example, some wall-mounted models come with a medical-grade filter that eliminates bacteria to hospital standards.

Wall-mounted air purifiers work like portable purifier models, except they’re permanently fixed to your wall. They’re typically more lightweight and compact, and they’re less likely to be damaged since they’re out of the way.

These are a good idea if you’re heavily using one specific room and you’d like it to have complete air purity.

Consider the Placement of Your Air Purifier In a Room

So, you’ve determined that it’s okay to move your portable air purifier from room to room. Now, I’ll advise where to place your air purifier for the cleanest air in the quickest time frame.

Here’s a list of points to follow when placing your portable purifier:

  • You should place your purifier in a part of your room with good airflow. This means you shouldn’t put it in the corner of the room or under a table.
  • Place your device in an area with a high amount of pollutants. For example, is there a patch of mold? Or maybe there’s a spot where your pet likes to hang out and fill the air with dander? Putting your purifier near this area will ensure the pollutants reach its filters faster.
  • Elevate your purifier 3 to 5 ft (0.91 to 1.52 m) from the ground. Unless your air purifier specifies that it works best on the floor, you should aim to place it above ground. This means that it’ll optimally filter both horizontal and vertical air circulation.
  • Don’t put it in rooms with high humidity. High humidity causes a purifier to work inefficiently. To reduce air humidity and slow mold growth, you should instead use a dehumidifier.
  • Don’t place it near electronics. Electronics can cause interference, impeding your purifier. Air purifiers with more add-on technology may be even more susceptible to interference from devices like TVs and microwaves.
  • Don’t leave it near an open window. Air purifiers should be used in rooms with closed airflow. You don’t want more pollutants coming through the window.

Final Thoughts

You can move a portable air purifier from room to room. Wall-mounted and whole-house air purifiers are fixed in one location. Most commercial air purifiers are portable and can easily be transported between areas while remaining effective.

Just remember to place your air purifier in a location with good airflow and a high concentration of pollutants!



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